A pack of Whippets doesn’t seem quite right…

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to visit a little family of Whippets. They seem more cat-like in a lot of ways, and every time I crouched down to take photos of them they came to me for pats. Every. Single. Time.


I don’t think they are a ‘pack’ of Whippets at all, more like a ‘clowder’ (which is the term for a group of cats, according to dictionary.com)


One in particular (Steven) spent time on every visitors’ lap, like a skinny, shorthaired Ragdoll, basking in the attention.


If only I had room for more dogs…..


Sugarchild – Dangerous, Album launch

I never thought band photography would be my thing. It’s dark, challenging, people are walking in front of you and mic stands get in the way.


As I was going to the album launch anyway, I thought I might as well bring my camera along. As the first band played, I wandered around, mingled, and took a few test shots. Yes, this is going to be interesting!

Sugarchild took the stage and my camera shutter got a work out.


The crowd left a bit of space for me and I experimented with different angles, making sure I didn’t get in the way of the hired videographer, who was filming to chop things up and put them into their video clip.


I had a great time! I was very happy with what I came away with, and so was the band. I have been a Sugarchild fangirl since we all went to Uni together and Katie is every bit as gorgeous now as she was then.


I see more gig shoots in my future.

A man saying goodbye

David Graham is part performer, part farmer and part dog nut.  He’s always on the move or on the mike.

He had two rescued Kelpie pups in his Canine Roadshow Crew when he arrived in Perth and was looking to rehome one of them. He found a great home for her and said goodbye in ‘Dog Town’ at the Perth Royal Show.


It was like, for those short moments, nothing in the world existed for him except for the puppy in his hands.


What a special moment!


welcome to my world !

Lauren & Roxy at the Perth Royal Show

Photography for me is 90% passion and 10% grunt work. It takes patience and perseverance to get that perfect shot, and if at the end of the day I end up exhausted then I know that I’ve done good work.

My interests range from band and music shots, to dog sports, pet portraits and wildlife photography.

My main aim is to freeze frame the things that people want to remember. The special candid shots between dogs and their guardians are some of my favorites.

If you would like me to come along and shoot an event (pet related, band related, sport related, anything really), drop me a line at jet@jetographystudio.com.