Sugarchild – Dangerous, Album launch

I never thought band photography would be my thing. It’s dark, challenging, people are walking in front of you and mic stands get in the way.


As I was going to the album launch anyway, I thought I might as well bring my camera along. As the first band played, I wandered around, mingled, and took a few test shots. Yes, this is going to be interesting!

Sugarchild took the stage and my camera shutter got a work out.


The crowd left a bit of space for me and I experimented with different angles, making sure I didn’t get in the way of the hired videographer, who was filming to chop things up and put them into their video clip.


I had a great time! I was very happy with what I came away with, and so was the band. I have been a Sugarchild fangirl since we all went to Uni together and Katie is every bit as gorgeous now as she was then.


I see more gig shoots in my future.

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